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What does anyone need in life today?

 A less stressful and more relaxed one for sure and some TLC

We all suffer from the daily grind of work, bringing money in and managing ourselves and families. We all tend to get overwhelmed by everything going on. It just gets all too much.

So, how does it get any better than this?

Aromatherapy & Therapeutic Massage
For further info on aromatherapy see here & therapeutic massage see this post
For more info about pregnancy and essential oils see this post

Reiki Treatments
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Want to Learn Reiki? Here are my classes 

I offer services that enhance your well-being as well as give you a sense of peace. It’s really about taking care of yourself and like a car (which needs to be MOT’d  and serviced) – we all need to relax, unwind and let go.

The services I offer work in many ways  help to gently de-stress and bring you back to a sense of equilibrium.

Access Bars Sessions
For info on what Access Bars are and how they can help you see this post

Essential Oil Products
Lots of lovely massage, oils, products to heal, lift the senses and give peace of mind


Here’s what my clients are saying

  • Diane went above and beyond the norm in how she looked after us with food (yum!) and teas. She was open and natural and also direct. She had obviously put tons of work into the reiki training. JD Gloucester

    Reiki 1st Degree Class Testimonial – JD -
  • I loved the whole course.I felt engaged and interested the whole time. Diane's just fantastic, she puts her whole time and energy into everything. She looked after us to a 5 star level. I've never felt so chilled and relaxed, all thanks to Diane's energy, care and love. SL  Warwick

    Reiki 1st Degree Class Testimonial – SL -
  • Diane is fantastic - I've had a few treatment sessions over the years with her and with her knowledge of many techniques and thorough evaluation of what the best treatment would be I've always come away feeling much better and with no aches and pains. If you're nervous about having a treatment for the first time you cannot go wrong with Diane, an excellent aromatherapist and warm and friendly person to boot! Thanks Diane. NT, Measham Leicestershire

    Aromatherapy Massage – Testimonial NT -
  • Having my bars done by Diane has been a wonderful and profound experience. During the process I felt a great sense of peace and relaxation and also the feeling of a great weight being lifted from my shoulders. It was very pleasant and the effect long lasting. I can’t recommend it enough. SL Warwick

    Access Bars Testimonial – SL -
  • Diane has a wonderful rapport and innate sense of what is required to help you lift yourself and become the person you can truly be. I have had the joy of experiencing one Access Bars session with her and the difference it has made to my life is amazing.  How does it get even better than this? CT Staffordshire

    Access Bars Testimonial – CT -

My Expertise


With a plethora of skills, experience and knowledge, Having a session with me at Vortex can help destress, enliven and relax your mind, body and soul.


I only use organic and wild crafted essential oils in my aromatherapy massages and the Artisan Aromatics range. All my blends and products are lovingly handmade and infused with healing Reiki energy.


I’ve been practising aromatherapy and massage for over 30 years and reiki for 25 years. I’m also a member of the IFA (International Federation of Aromatherapists) Fully insured and licensed.


With a combination of Access Bars, Reiki Classes/Seminars, Aromatherapy products, Massage, Reiki treatments and Reiki Shares. I have plenty to help you on your way, relax and feel more yourself

Aromatherapy, Reiki, Massage, Access Bars Warwick
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Aromatherapy, Reiki, Massage, Access Bars Warwick
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