Sometimes we really need this… a little heart in everything

Especially when things aren’t going the way you want them to. I’ve developed my spiritual practices a lot of the last 20 years and enjoy delving (well, mostly) into my inner self.
I’ve noticed that when I’m not being heart-centred and things are stressing me out. My head just spins like a top. The fear kicks in and well.. it all goes to pot.
There has to be better ways than this!
Lots of things have helped along the way, I’ve learned some great insights from the Sedona Method, Access Consciousness and my intuition.  I like being heart-centred and coming from a sense of integrity; this feels good on so many levels.
While sitting in Remembrance it helps you to come back to yourself; calms and helps you feel so peaceful. You become blissful. When you also incorporate the Jewels with the Remembrance, it helps to bring that energy into you (peace, happiness, love, empathy and compassion are some examples) This quality/essence then infuses within you; as you are then becoming more peaceful, loving and compassionate. Your life then moves in different ways as you are emanating a different energy.
It really helps you to let go and let your real knowledge/wisdom and knowing come to the fore. We are all so busy and stressed out and feel we need to make a hundred and one decisions in a day. What if you knew what to do and didn’t have to worry about making decisions again?
It’s difficult to explain what I’m experiencing with the Remembrance as it’s so experiential. You do need to try it for yourself. Before I did any work on the courses, I sat in Remembrance for a week. I also do the Remembrance on a regular basis by myself and with friends and family.
I have a lot of admiration for Mark Silver who runs the Heart of Business website. This site is amazing chock full of great programmes and info to help you connect in your heart; with your life, business, relationships and money. I am a more balanced and loving person because of the work I’ve done on his courses. I’ve also had some fabulous insights into my business and things I would never have thought of before have come streaming into my consciousness – a greater knowing. I’ve started actively writing articles for my website and blog again and have some good plans in the making for 2014.  It’s also so simple to do the Remembrance (here’s a mp3 from Mark’s website) and to work with the Jewels.Print
Working with the Remembrance tonight on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day I got a lot of inspiration and then finished off this blog post.
Here’s a great blog post (one of many..) from Mark Silver’s Heart of Business website called Living Spirituality in a Messed-Up Marketplace
I’m finally becoming the woman I’ve always wanted to be enjoying being in business with a sense of integrity (while easily accessing my happiness and vulnerability) it is a truly wonderful feeling and a great place to be.