Meditation is an important part of my life now, it was a part on and off for years and yet I never seemed to “get it together” to actually do it consistently. I knew in myself that regular meditating was good for me and the peace I got from doing it was well worth the time spent. So the last few weeks have been interesting. Ever since doing my Access Bars Training things have moved along at a fast pace in a phenomenally good way. I have a lot less resistance, more creativity, energy, feeling good about myself and well I’m so chilled, I feel horizontal!
So I chose to start meditating properly with a great programme called Perfect Meditation, I’ve used a great little app in conjunction with my meditation CDs’s it’s called Insight Timer.
It’s very simple little timer with bells that helps you by gently reminding you to stay awake while meditating! It also has a cool journal feature and community of meditators from all over the world, which is wonderful to know that you aren’t the only one who is meditating at any given time. You can log in on the web and use it direct from the app. Insight Timer also have a Facebook page
The Mediation CD from Perfect Meditation is just wonderful. (I am in no way affiliated with them) I just love the whole process that goes with the CDs’s. This is powerful stuff and I’m so happy I’m meditating nearly every day. I’ve introduced it to my friends who also are having great results with it.
Reduction in stress, anxiety and depression;
Increased spaciousness for loving kindness
Greater ability to control or dissolve anger spontaneously
More peace and synergy with life
Improved sleeping patterns;
Increased self-esteem;
Dissolution of trauma and long-standing self limitations;
Improved health
Increased ease and carefree living;
More happiness and joy
There are 2 CDs on the 1st level (there are 13 levels altogether) First one is called Bowls Deepening and has singing bowls intertwined with music and Gyuto monk singing! The other CD is called Mani Deepening and is very relaxing. Both CDs have a second track called Mani Absorption (the first track gets you into a deep state of relaxation, the second track keeps you there)
How It Works (taken from Perfect Meditation website)
Remaining conscious whilst going into deep meditation states, like theta and delta brainwave states, increases one’s cognitive and ordinary waking conscious capacities to remain lucid in deep states of awareness where we are normally unconscious. This not only strengthens one’s conscious functioning in ordinary waking states, but expands the scope of conscious awareness. The Perfect Meditation Program also delivers a precise meditation routine that is identical every time you do it. No practice that any ordinary being can do, without such assistance, emulates such precision every time it is done. The more you listen to the Perfect Meditation CD Program on a daily basis, the more powerful this pattern becomes. It soon supersedes other patterns in your mind and hence, the afflicted or dysfunctional, unhappy patterns of mental-processing become less significant. In time, they can be completely eradicated.
An expanded capacity for conscious functioning results in quantum leaps in your ability to handle issues that would normally have caused you much stress and afflicted emotions.   These afflictions are what constantly interfere with our daily lives and goals by manifesting as stress, anger, general discontentment and unwanted feelings.
The Perfect Meditation Program has the added benefit of:A very powerful chakra healing, ancient ‘singing bowl’ CD that takes you from your root chakra to your crown bliss chakra adding even more physical and mental healing benefits whilst being entrained.
A Gyuto monk chant which is mixed into the tracks to harmonize and enhance your receptivity whilst being entrained. You are simultaneously immersed in the blessed and beneficial harmonic sound used throughout the ages to generate spiritual awakening.
The Om Mani Padme Hum mantra recording which is recited by an enlightened and recognised master. This mantra is said to be extremely beneficial and recommended by enlightened beings.
It’s not just being chilled out and horizontal that’s the gift here, it’s the sense of peace that comes with that. I’m also being told off for being too happy – as I’m literally glowing in a good way (not because I’m in love – that’s a different glow : ) it’s a deep sense of well-being that doesn’t rely on anyone else. Being at peace with yourself, the energy that holds deep within you is very attractive to other people too. Not in a weird way, it’s like a quiet relief as you are being still inside and the ripples are very calming for others. I suppose I’m being that “Taurean rock” (I was born with copious amounts of planets in Taurus). The best way to help anyone is to work on yourself and just be. You show by example. It’s great when people ask me why I’m so happy – I’m meditating and clearing my energy with Access Consciousness and Ho’ oponopono – that’s it. It works very well for me.
Meditation doesn’t just have to be the going deep with yourself and being in peace. I also love Guided Meditation/Imagery which I’ve talked about in this post. You can find great inspiration and knowledge from working with guides and imagery. Meditation can simply be just being,
Permaculture, Access, Ho’oponopono
I recently went to Burton Dassett as part of my Permaculture Design Course that I’m doing at the moment and spent time on the hills in the country park just feeling peaceful and enjoying the view. It’s what works for you, what I like is different from other people, you need to trust what feels good for you.
Also back to the self-esteem/love/worth – it’s all about taking care of yourself. I always say this because it’s really important. I know life can get in the way though if you are coming from a calmer place life’s challenges aren’t so scary as you have a different perspective and a certain detachment rather than being really anxious and full of fear. If I feel like that I just clear my energy with Access or use Ho’ oponopono and get back to peace again and feel great!
I have a duty (well duty feels a bit strong), integrity and honour are important to me and I like to be able to offer the best possible care in my Vortex Therapy Business with the aromatherapy massage, bars sessions and reiki so sorting myself out is important to the welfare of my clients and me, physician heal thyself as the phrase goes
I’m too busy to sit and be miserable; (we can all have our downtimes, I acknowledge them though I do my best not to wallow in them as I have tools to help me) as I’d rather raise my energy and change from being unhappy to being more peaceful.

I’m quite a forward thinking/action orientated individual (hence the meditation is great as it helps me to switch off) so I like to be Getting Things Done (as David Allen would say, a wonderful system I use with Evernote and Zendone for getting stuff organised and out of my head!)  I have a busy life and now have found ways to be spiritual and productive as they say in Access Consciousness – How does it get any better than that?

Burton Dassett Country Park
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